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This class has three Distinct Stages and Deadlines.

You are required to begin Stage 1 and introduce two key companies: One which is a strong one and the other should be a weaker one, whether in the same or different industries. Create an overall idea about what you will be working on, how you will navigate the process of comparing and contrasting the two companies and your research strategy. When you begin Stage 1, remember that the elements of this stage will then be absorbed into Stage 2 and so on. Each Stage will build upon the last Stage and you will bring the best of each Stage to the next Stage. That means that when you are finished with Stage 1, you will review it carefully and create a synopsis of the complete paper and show the reader what you had discussed in the earlier stage and then where you will be leading into Stage 2. Each stage will build upon the research process and will showcase more ideas and strategies.

When you begin Stage 3, you will add a separate introduction called Executive Summary that will give a brief of what the reader will find in your paper. The Executive Summary should be Page 1 and will show how you will take the reader through the research and strategic understanding of building the weaker company into a stronger company. It will give the reader a sense of what will be addressed in the paper including issues, comparisons and some possible conclusions. Review samples of Executive Summaries online or other sources to plan this page.

Your Opening and Closing statements in each stage must be strong and clear as to give the reader the clarity of your thought process. Bibliography, citations, in-text citations, footnotes, and other proper credits must be given to all sources used for your paper. You must use Financials of the companies to show why one is better than the other and how do you interpret them. Use key ratios to supplement your answers. Use current and latest news on the companies to show that your work is up to date.

Stage No. Length of Paper (Min-Max) Focus Chapters Primary Focus
70% Of Paper Secondary Focus
30% of Paper
Stage 1

600-750 words

Minimum Citations Required:
5 – 8 Resources 1 – 3 Introduction of Two Company Profiles
Brief of Their Business including
Products and Services (stay within one product range to avoid too much confusion)
Brief SWOT analysis
External Analysis/Internal Analysis
Leadership skills of CEOs
Steps you will take to build the case and provide the Case Development (Stage 2) and Comprehensive case assignment (Stage 3) Preliminary Competitor Analysis
Review Porter’s Five Forces Model. Review mission statements and begin formulating your own mission statement for the weaker competitor

Stage 2

Minimum Citations Required:
10 – 15 Resources 4 – 8 plus concepts from Chapters 1-3 Take Stage 1 and create less than one page of the complete paper as introduction in beginning of Stage 2
Develop the Case based on Porter’s Five Forces Model/Functional Level/Business Level Strategies/Strategy and Technology
Strategy in the Global Environment
Mission Statement & Goals Established
Chaining, Franchising, mergers and acquisitions, product/ capacity control Begin reviewing some of the issues laid out in Chapters 9 -13 especially in Business Ethics
Wrap up Key points on economies of scale, competitive and comparative advantage, mergers, outsourcing
Introduction of Corporate Governance, and Business Ethics (Chapter 11)

Stage 3

3000-4000 words

15 – 25 Resources 9 – 13 plus concepts from Chapters 1-8 Create an Executive Summary of the paper on Page 1. Complete presentation of Case Strategic Action Plan, Governance, Ethics, Organizational Design Implications, adaptation, corporate culture, dynamics of macro environment, role of government entities, financial institutions, and the interdependence of global economies, green technologies, interdependence and sustainability efforts Use 2- 5 Key Ratios from Pages C11 to C15 based on access to corporate data and explain why you think it is important to use these numbers and how it helps the overall strategy of the company
Your recommendations and conclusion based on your complete research process
Advice about your mission statement and how it aligns with your strategic plan and goals

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