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Psychology behaviorism.

1. Review the attached journals.

2. Annotated Bibliography (each article shoule be atleast 150-250 words each and each article should answer: Why was the study done? What was the population studied? What did the researcher(s) conclude?

3. Outline (please see how it should look – each section requires 1-2 sentences briefly explaining or describing)

I. Introduction (thesis statement and brief words about the topic)

II. Development of behaviorism

a. Earlier schools of thought

i. Functionalism

ii. Animal psychology

b. Limitations of introspection and study of the consciousness

c. Beginnings of the study of behavior

d. Why did behaviorism emerge?

III. through VIII. (there are 6 articles and each should be briefly addresses with the following questions)

a. What did the article study?

b. Why was it important?

c. How did it shape the emerging school of behaviorism?

d. What lasting effect did this /researcherresearch have on psychology?

IX. Conclusion (what ties all 6 articles together)

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